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Low deposit house and land packages

‘Low deposits’ and ‘house and land packages’ are hot topics for new homebuyers. While house and land packages are an enticing option for their simplicity and affordability, saving up for a deposit can be a significant hurdle.

Does a house and land package make a good investment?

Across Australia, house and land packages are a popular choice amongst homebuyers, as they are a relatively affordable housing option within communities that offer a great lifestyle. The range of benefits that come from buying land and building a new home extends to investors. If you are looking to...

Downsizers share their experience with Cedar Woods

Hear from our downsizer residents on their experience taking this big next step in a Cedar Woods community.

A case study into WA's first community energy sharing network, Eve at Eglinton Village

Cedar Woods is committed to delivering innovative solutions that deliver long-term environmental and social benefits to our communities, as part of our broader ESG strategy. In a joint initiative with leading independent power producer, Zenith Energy, we launched WA’s first-ever residential...

Is buying off the plan right for you?

With property in high demand, buying a new home ‘off the plan’ is an increasingly popular choice for homebuyers across Australia. An off the plan property is one that will be built and completed in the future to a predetermined design. Just like any property purchase, when deciding whether this is...

10 tips for saving your house deposit

Amongst the excitement of planning for your first home, the amount needed to get your foot in the door can seem daunting. Saving for a house deposit remains one of the biggest hurdles to entering the property market for many Australians.

A case study into the creation of Perth’s most sustainable suburb, Bushmead

Bushmead is one of Cedar Woods’ most awarded estates for environmental excellence and is a standout example of the successful integration of residential housing and a surrounding conservation area. From the extensive retention of native trees and revegetation efforts to our sustainability...

Innovating beyond traditional products to meet diverse housing needs

Change is one of the few certainties in life and that certainly rings true for Australia’s housing market. Residents’ needs, preferences and expectations are continuously evolving along with influences such as affordability, population changes and trends. Within this ever-changing environment, it...

Location, location, location – why it counts for sustainable living.

The solar panels are in place, and the rainwater retention tank is ready to go, but have you considered whether the location of your new home lends itself to living sustainably? While you’re bound to have come across the old saying location, location, location, when it comes to purchasing a home,...

Why downsizing makes sense – at any life stage.

Bigger isn’t always better. In fact, the concept of trading excessive space for a more compact way of living is gaining traction – and not just amongst empty nesters. Downsizing (or ‘right sizing’ as it’s also known) offers plenty of upsides, ranging from financial freedom to an improved lifestyle,...

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