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A case study into WA's first community energy sharing network, Eve at Eglinton Village

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Cedar Woods is committed to delivering innovative solutions that deliver long-term environmental and social benefits to our communities, as part of our broader ESG strategy.  

In a joint initiative with leading independent power producer, Zenith Energy, we launched WA’s first-ever residential community energy sharing network as part of our Eglinton Village estate in Perth’s popular north-west corridor.  

Eglinton Village residents have the unique opportunity to benefit from long-term energy savings while reducing their environmental footprint, through a community energy sharing network called ‘Eve’.   

Eve (Eglinton Village Energy, a Zenith Energy subsidiary) has been designed to give residents more choice, with the ability to use renewable energy in their homes and to save on their electricity bills.  

How does Eve work?

Embedded networks like Eve enable a group of electricity users to generate and share energy, lowering their electricity costs and reducing emissions. 

Residents that choose to participate will have rooftop solar PV installed on their homes and maintained by Zenith Energy for no cost. The network will also include a community battery for storing the energy generated by the panels, which will then flow to participating residents’ homes as a source of electricity.   

What are the benefits of Eve?

1. 20 per cent savings on energy use, now and into the future 

As household electricity prices continue to increase, having access to more affordable energy is one way to relieve ongoing cost pressures for residents.   

Usually embracing renewable energy at home comes with a significant price tag, but with Eve there is only upside for participating households. For no upfront or ongoing cost, buyers will pay around 20 per cent* less for their electricity consumption, which equates to approximately $372 a year.  


2. Reducing carbon footprint 

Research shows that two in three Australians are concerned about their personal carbon footprint**, driving people to look for more sustainable ways of living.  

Eve gives residents the opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint by using at least 50 per cent solar energy in their homes. They’ll also be part of something bigger, actively contributing towards community driven renewable energy generation and supply.


3. Setting the standard 

As the first-of-its-kind in WA, Eve provides a model for future residential community energy sharing initiatives and sets a precedent for future sustainable projects.  


Residents who are looking for ways to further leverage the renewable energy generated from Eve can also choose to upgrade their home to three-phase power connection. This supports a shift towards electrification of their homes, which can include induction cooktops and fast electric vehicles chargers, reducing the household’s reliance on other energy sources such as gas.    

Eglinton Village is an exciting 1,200 lot community, appealing to buyers with its coastal location and connection to existing and future amenities. The addition of Eve for homebuyers is a significant drawcard for homebuyers, giving them a unique way to future-proof against increasing energy costs and live sustainably.    

To learn more about this unique project and its benefits, download the case study. 

*Should you choose to participate savings are calculated on consumption. Based on an average household, 20 per cent approximately equates to $372 savings per annum. There will be no added costs related to the solar panel installation or ongoing maintenance. Solar panels will be owned by the network owner and operator. Eve (Eglinton Village Energy, a Zenith Energy subsidiary) is based on Gross Metering. Terms and conditions of participation available on application 

**Finder Green Report 2023 

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